I discovered Yoga during the most challenging time in my life.

It was during one of my first guided practices that I came to grasp the strong connection that there is between body, mind, breath and the energetic body that we all live with.


It was only 12 months after attending my first class that I experienced a strong call to immerse myself in the study the ‘science of Yoga’ in its wholeness and support others in the discovery of the self-guided experiment that we call ‘Yoga’.


I believe that Yoga is for everyone and practice should always be an empowering experience that simply unfolds on a mat. I am qualified teacher for different styles as Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Purna Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation learned from different Internationally recognised Teachers. I am also a father and passionate in helping other men empowering their relationship and living their purpose.


My classes are suitable and inclusive for everyone and have a particular focus on foundation combined with alignment, linking the breath to movement and harnessing the power of our minds so to leverage Yoga as a therapy to our ‘daily life challenges’.

I teach on Thursday and Friday a variety of different styles and look forward to sharing with you all the gift of Yoga.



Andrea 0422 963 640

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