• Foundations of Yoga-ABC Alignment, Breath & Consciousness. Beginners learn the basics, experienced yogis can take it to a deeper level. All levels welcome

  • Vinyasa-combines movement with breath for the cardio benefits, to promote high metabolism while building strong bones & muscles. For the regular yogi

  • Warm Yoga-the heaters are on to encourage sweating for detoxify, improve flexibility, burn calories, relieve stress & increase circulation. All levels

  • Hatha/Vinyasa Flow –Traditional hatha yoga postures aligning the body and calming the mind linked with a Vinyasa flow. All levels welcome



  • Yin-is a series of restorative static holds for a deep release to nourish and reprogram the body and mind. All levels welcome

  • Intermediate General Yoga-will build strength & stretch your body through movement and breath. For the regular yogi