Nine years ago I was motivated to start taking my health seriously, I realised that I had the power to transform my body through my choices. I overhauled my diet and started a regular yoga practice and noticed profound changes, this inspired me to study nutrition. I began a regular practice at Powerliving in Bondi, which I initially saw purely as exercise with its strong heated flows. Once my body got used to this way of moving and I built up strength, I was able to open my mind up to the deeper philosophy of yoga and see the benefits far beyond the physical. 

In 2018 I partook in a 30 day immersion into daily practice, meditation and weekly meetings with a like minded group of yogis at Powerliving, with an incredible facilitator Lindsey Owens. From there I was motivated to take my practice to the next level and started my Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. This journey took me deeper into my practice both physically and emotionally and gave me the necessary tools to share my love of yoga. 

Yoga to me is a moving meditation. A flow of breath to movement keeping you present through strong asanas (poses). I focus on alignment and a delicate balance of strength and stillness. Heated classes allow for further agility and mobility as well as detoxification through sweating. Some yoga experience would be helpful in my classes, however I cue modifications and adjustments for those at the early stages of their yoga practice.