Yoga is a guiding light in my life, I feel grateful everyday that I am able to share this practice with others! A great yoga class is, quite simply, one where you leave feeling better than when you arrived. I believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, in their own way, that is why my classes are warm and welcoming to students of all levels. My heart's intention is to create a lighthearted space for self-care and transformation.

Originally from Boston, I have been trained in vinyasa, restorative, meditation, Yoga Nidra, and hands-on adjustments. I consider myself a teachers sometimes and a student always. Everyday I learning. I am a seeker of spiritual growth, self-study, and deep connection with others. As such, my own practice and teaching is always evolving.


In my vinyasa classes you can expect a playful, dynamic sequence coordinating breath with movement. In my restorative classes we'll balance the body and mind by slowing down and turning inward.

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