Getting started with breathwork

A two hour workshop to discover your breath

The breath is the foundation of life. Every cell in the body requires the breath and without it for just a few minutes we wouldn’t survive.The way we breathe directly affects our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Every system in the body is affected by our breath. Changing the breath, either consciously or unconsciously means that every system reflects this change.


During this two hour workshop we will discover how we breathe, learn some ways to correct breathing and open the body to ensure there is space for the breath. We will also practice some simple pranayama exercises that affect the nervous system.


What’s included in the workshop:

-A breath awareness meditation

- Breath and movement. A thirty minute yoga practice to open the body to create space for the breath.

- Corrective breathing. Learn some exercises to remind your body how to use the primary breathing muscles.

- Pranayama to affect the nervous system.


Come along to learn how this amazing practice with guest teacher Sarah Campbell can help you to manage stress, boost digestion and improve sleep.

When: Sunday 11th July

Time: 2pm- 4pm

Investment: $50.00

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