Practicing Yoga takes me to my safe happy place and helps me to connect to my authentic self. I was fortunate enough to discover yoga when I was 18 (20 years ago). I fell in love with Astanga yoga and my wonderful teacher. This dynamic vinyasa style of yoga suited me and carried me through my 20’s helping me to channel my explosive energy and to give me spiritual food for the soul that I was so hungry for. In my early 20’s I discovered the power of mediation and realized that for me to stay sane I would need to practice mediation through out my life to keep my busy mind from getting wound up in knots. I was involved in a few different meditation groups and found I really connected with the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche, attending many RIGPA retreats over the years.


My passion for all aspects of Yoga including the philosophy, meditation, pranayama and asana led me to study Purna Yoga at the Byron Yoga Centre in 2015 and completing my Level 2 Yoga teacher training in 2016. Purna, meaning complete, yoga is hatha based and incorporates all aspects of yoga mentioned above. I am committed to a lifelong study of yoga and sharing the teachings of Patanjali and the 8 limb path of yoga with all my students.

My classes are suitable for students who have some yoga experience, however I can cater for beginners. I teach an alignment hatha based style with some vinyasa flow. Please call if you would like any further information.

Namaste Kirra

Contact: 0407 790 209

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