My name is Nikki Beaufils


Human being, woman, yogini, forever student, mother to the strongest bravest girl I know, lover and sharer of yoga. Sharing yoga is my dharma, along with nursing..I love them both, they keep me humble - daily!

I gained a YT qualification in March 2013 with Michelle Baldwin, Australia's pioneer of HOT Yoga.

I don't believe I am a "teacher", definitely always a student! I get it. I get Yoga and I practice it daily wait, no, every three minutes or so..lol..and I share what I learn with those whom are willing to allow me to hold space for them and share their yoga journey. That is it!

To quote this awesome human "We are so busy and have become so complex, being simple is actually seen as esoteric"  - Bryan Kest. (Hehe.. Really there is nothing esoteric about it!) Why do I share yoga? Yoga feels right.  Just breathe.

Namaste Nikki

Contact: 0451 256 963

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