The purpose of my work is to empower people with their health. My body work and reiki background brought me into teaching the beautiful discipline of yoga. Teaching yoga for me,  is to remind us that our body is talking to us,  reminding us to  feel,  trust and listen to our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


I do not believe in level when it comes to yoga as every practice will and should be different. Every classes  should be about you and your mat. You should be able to listen and accept where you are no matter what the person next to you is doing. I like to have a strong class with options to challenge people. I like to see people choosing to have a rest when they need to no matter what others are doing. I like to see somebody  fall out of posture when everyone else is still and try again and again. Let ourselves be vulnerable - those are true yogis. We all have challenges in our daily life and on our mat  so lets accept and embrace them. Yoga is about you and you mat,  this is your time. I use lots of metaphysics and consciousness in my class dialogue (meridians , chakra, elements, mantras) as it is who I am and how I teach. Remember flexibility and acrobatics are not a requirement to do yoga it is something you will gain with dedicated practices.


I teach 3 different classes at studio Yamba: Power vinyasa flow with heat , general flow no heat  and a foundations class no heat .


I am very grateful to be part of this beautiful yogi community at Studio Yamba. I am looking forward to meet you all


Namaste Severine

Private classes available

Contact: 0401 505 597

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